The Benefits of Living at Kuwili Lani

In the heart of the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, Kuwili Lani is a special place, a perfect sustainable living site with expansive ocean and sky views, refreshing and replenishing rains, brilliant sunshine, fertile soils and a place of extraordinary beauty and quiet country living.

You have all this at Kuwili Lani, but each property offers you so much more, both encouraging and allowing you to be part of a sustainable lifestyle with all the numerous benefits and enhancements that go with it.  These include:

- building a residence which permits independence from utility companies, living off grid with solar photovoltaic, private water supply, on-site wifi and more.  Your individual home style can incorporate dozens of elements of green design and sustainable features such as passive solar, passive ventilation /design and others. These various renewable energy aspects actually mean your cost to operate your home can be significantly less than elsewhere, giving you a payback or positive ROI.

- the option to make a garden to grow fresh food on your homesite and scaled to your own desire, thus creating an "edible landscape.”  Food grown within the neighborhood is not dependent on outside availability or use of fossil fuels to deliver it.   This saves fuel / offsets carbon footprint, enabling one to be part of an engaged solution versus negatively affecting our environment.

- allowing for a quality of life in which one can enjoy a healthier outlook on life by being "engaged in the garden"—surrounded by verdant beauty and tranquility, in touch with nature, and free of urban stress.

Taking advantage of the sustainable benefits offered by your property can give an enormous feeling of accomplishment and pride, though doing so could seem a bit challenging at first.  But, whatever your level of knowledge of home building, growing food or sustainability, we want to reassure you we can provide assistance to you in the process of committing to this great way of life and then providing the specifics you need to help make your dream a reality.

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