Update: High Speed Internet at Kuwili Lani

We are excited to announce that Kuwili Lani’s fiber optic broadband system is now installed! This state of the art high speed internet system is just one of the many property improvements we’ve completed at Kuwili Lani. We believe that you can live a sustainable and high tech modern lifestyle. There’s no need to compromise. Read on to learn more about the benefits of our fiber optic broadband system and other upgrades to the Kuwili Lani property that make sustainable living in Hawaii, well, pretty darn luxurious. 

Fiber Optics Broadband System 

Fiber optics is a technology used to transmit information as pulses of light through strands of fiber made of glass or plastic. The fibers are about as thick as a strand of human hair. Bundled together into a fiber-optic cable, they are capable of transmitting large amounts of data at high speeds over long distances. Fiber optics is the future of the internet. 

Some of the benefits of a fiber optics broadband internet system include: 

  • Longevity – made from glass or plastic fibers, fiber optic cabling has an extremely long lifespan compared to traditional copper cabling. Since fiber optic cables are non-metallic, they are not impacted by electromagnetic interference (ie. weather).
  • Speed – fiber optic internet systems offer users faster upload and download speeds, as well as increased bandwidth for more devices. 
  • Security – fiber optics is the most secure internet system available. The construction of fiber optic cabling makes interception of transmission signalling extremely difficult. 
  • Latest technology – fiber optic broadband systems are on the cutting edge of internet technology. As part of our contract with our service provider, Kuwili Lani’s system will receive continuous updates as additional technological advances become available.  

We used the Hawaii-based firm Tech Connections for our fiber optic broadband system installation and they did an amazing job! 

Fiber optic high speed internet at Kuwili Lani.
Fiber optic high speed internet at Kuwili Lani.
Fiber optic high speed internet at Kuwili Lani.

Additional Upgrades to the Kuwili Lani Property 

We are committed to offering the best value and highest quality of living to our residents. In addition to high speed internet, we’ve completed many other improvements to the Kuwili Lani property. Upgrades include physical property and landscape improvements as well as storm water management. 

Physical Property Improvements 

  • All lots laid out for maximum views from suggested building pads
  • Attractive rock column entryway
  • Continuous 3,250 ft. long fully secured galvanized perimeter fence
  • Custom made anodized aluminum automated security gate 
  • Anodized aluminum fully secured pedestrian access gate
  • Paved private road with stormwater swales
  • Paved side access roads to upper lots
  • Secured on site pump house which provides county potable water
  • Water access valve box at each lot’s proposed driveway
  • Dedicated solar panels and battery storage system at the pump house
  • Private fiber optics broadband system cable to each lot
  • Front entry automated lighting system
  • Numerous graded, gravel or paved access driveways included 

Landscape Improvements

  • Continuous privacy hedge along Makai (ocean) side of property
  • Front entry Dwarf Coco Palm trees (edible landscape)
  • Live fences: White Pineapple & Banana trees 
  • Edible landscape – Citrus / Banana orchard; beginning of property
  • Add’l Palm trees / Landscape – Planted at front entryway
  • Perennial Peanut front entrance ground cover / Erosion control
  • Coco Palm trees planted at each lot boundary corner
  • Attractive hedge surrounding Pump House
  • Expansive ground cover cloth in strategic places
  • Individual lots maps / Landscape layouts provided for ea. lot
  • Flowering ground cover / Palms installed – Top of Cul-de-sac
  • Vetiver Grass – Attractive erosion control

Storm Water Management

  • Multiple culverts installed with attractive rock wall reinforcement 
  • Dual injection wells and rip rap basin at entry area
  • Three additional dry wells strategically installed 
  • Engineered storm water swales throughout to divert excess runoff
  • French drains installed along flag lot driveways and at top of Cul-de-sac
  • Permeable ground cover cloth for erosion and weed suppression
  • Vetiver / flowering ground cover for appealing erosion control