Disconnect to Connect: Twilight Hour At Kuwili Lani Offers an Opportunity to Be Here Now

Here at Kuwili Lani, we truly believe in the mantra disconnect to connect. In putting down our electronic devices, setting aside the busyness of the day and sitting quietly in nature we are brought back to ourselves and brought closer to the great mystery of mother nature. What a treat it is to be here now. With this sentiment in mind, Kuwili Lani community member and co-founder Michael Whelan recently sat down to watch the sunset and moonrise on the property. These are his real-time observations and inspired thoughts from observing the beautiful twilight hour at Kuwili Lani and arrival of the night sky. 

A wise Kupuna once stated, “If you are willing and you calm the mind, the land, the ocean and the sky will reveal themselves to you.”

Sunset and Twilight Hour at Kuwili Lani on Sunday June 13th, 2021, By Michael Whelan 

I believe we have an opportunity for a renewed sense of self at the end of each and every day. As we shut down everything else in the world around us, we become more complete and whole as a receptive person.

What a special space it is, to just marvel at the ocean, land and the sky. The ocean views from the lots at Kuwili Lani entice one to become more aware of the wonders of our natural surroundings.

To take it all in. To be in awe. To experience a departure from our daily activities of being oblivious to that which is all around us. Simply to create a special moment for ourselves. 

As the sun parts to the north above us, the tinge of the sky starts to glow. It evolves into an amazing pastel yellow, to a vibrant orange, to an iridescent pink, and onto a deep purple, right before one’s eyes. One is privileged to see this special time of day, to witness what is truly awe inspiring. It just requires a matter of being patient, and a willingness to simply let go.

The simple natural essence that we take for granted during our active day is enhanced. Looking out to sea, and above all the clouds in the beautiful blue sky, a crimson glow is on display as the sun departs for the day. 

Upon the sun going down, one gets to experience “the glow”. That sacred time of day that follows the sunset in Hawai’i that stays with oneself for a lifetime. What a treat it is to look out to sea and watch the tugs pulling the barges. Along with the occasional sailboat and container ships right off shore. It sparks one’s sense of adventure, as the ships eloquently cruise right by you, all within the splendor of silence. 

One cannot help but to pause and take it all in. Within a short period of time as it gets a little bit more dark, you can see the ship’s lights start to illuminate just before the twilight hour. The twinkle of the barge’s lights enhances this magic time of the day!

The vessel’s runner lights are like experiencing stars on the deep blue ocean as the Horizon starts to darken.

What a joy to feel the beautiful, sensuous light breeze on your skin as the winds come off the land and blow out to the sea. Bringing with them the fragrant essence of the land and the earth that surrounds you. So invigorating to the spirit. One has to pause and delight in it all.

As you let go, the stillness of the evening is magnified. All around you, the slightest of sounds from nature are enhanced. A beautiful orchestration of simple vibrant, yet “still” energy, that makes one feel alive. 

The sound of the birds nestling down for the night, the murmur of cows in the surrounding verdant pastures; the light hum of the languishing traffic occasionally heard down on the highway, The critters in the grasses around you; all carried by the sound of the wind.

What a blessing it is to shut down the world for even a moment to take in the amazing surroundings as you look from Mauka to Makai. (Hawaiian for mountain to ocean.)

We are so fortunate at Kuwili Lani to be high on a cliffside approximately 550 to 650 feet above sea level, looking down on the ocean barely an eighth of a mile away. So close it seems you can reach out and touch it.

In the winter months when one gazes away from the mesmerizing ocean in front of you, by looking back on the land there’s another treat that’s revealed. Seeing the majestic tops of Mauna Kea from the lower lots within the subdivision truly creates a sense of awe. Especially in the winter months when it’s clear, cool and crisp, one can see snow on the lower regions of Mauna Kea.

This sight is enhanced by the moonrise – whether it be the new moon, like this evening, or a full moon, or one of the many stunning phases in between.

Another invitation to come and experience the renewal of one’s senses.

Continuing in the moment with a willingness to fully surrender, staying out past the twilight hours is where the real truth is displayed.

As the evening grows dark, the stars reveal themselves one at a time. The skies grow into an amazing deep heavenly blue. Eventually becoming pitch black, and giving way to the celestial light from above. The little dipper is so profound in the ink black sky

As one’s outward awareness is enhanced, shooting stars appear magically every five minutes or so. According to nature’s plan, all for our personal pleasure. It’s almost as if one can see with the naked eye, the Crab Nebula formation above within the Milky Way. Displaying it’s beckoning, iridescent glow in between the illuminating stars.

Then one realizes how insignificant they truly are 😉 What a lesson. What a blessing! Such a gift we can give ourselves. If only we take the time to do so. Once you experience that for yourself, you’ll never be the same. 

It is truly priceless!

Rainbow over the ocean, a view from the Kuwili Lani property at the beginning of twilight hour
A double rainbow over the ocean as viewed from the Kuwili Lani property.

There are countless ways to disconnect to connect at Kuwili Lani and all around us on the Hamakua Coast. From rushing streams and cascading waterfalls, lush forest and jungle, and rugged black sand coastlines, the Big Island of Hawai’i is a feast for the senses and a retreat for the soul. Stay tuned and follow our blog for more articles on our favorite places around Kuwili Lani to relax and recharge in nature.  

Come visit us and experience the wonder of mother nature and the twilight hour at Kuwili Lani for yourself! Our sustainable community is growing. Contact us today to learn more about our available lots ready to build your new sustainable home in Hawai’i.