Woman in front of a hawaiian waterfall on the hamakua coast of the Big Island

10 Reasons Why Kuwili Lani is a Magical Place to Live

Located on the breathtaking and historic Hamakua Coast, Kuwili Lani is arguably one of the best places on the Big Island to live, work, and play…but we might be a little biased! From daily rainbow and wildlife sightings, to panoramic ocean views, waterfalls in your backyard, and a slower, stress-free pace of life – there’s so many things that make Kuwili Lani a truly special place. While it was hard to narrow it down, here’s our top 10 reasons why Kuwili Lani is a magical place to live.

1. Whale’s Tails

During the winter months, Humpback whales migrate to Hawai’i from Alaska to breed and calve in the warm tropical waters. Whale season in the islands is roughly December – March. From Kuwili Lani’s location, high on the cliffs of the Hamakua Coast, but just an ⅛ mile from the ocean’s edge, you can see and hear whales slapping their tails and breaching in the waters below. It is truly an amazing sight – mother nature at her finest. 

Humpback whale slapping its tail off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

2. Rainbows 

There’s a reason that the Hawai’i state license plate has a rainbow on it. The Hawaiian islands are arguably the best place on earth to see rainbows. From the Kuwili Lani property, rainbows are a near daily sight, often appearing out over the ocean, a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors.

Double rainbow over the ocean as viewed from the Kuwili Lani property.

3. Old Hawai’i Feel

The town of Laupahoehoe, where Kuwili Lani is located, is a small community on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island. We love Laupahoehoe for its old Hawai’i feel. Here, there’s a slower pace of life. You know your neighbors, you feel safe and less stressed. Here, people are more family oriented and value simpler things in life. It’s just 23 miles to Hilo Town, but light years away from the big city existance.

4. Can Do Pioneer Spirit

 Laupahoehoe locals have a long history of farming, hunting, fishing, and ranching. There is a kind of rugged, plantation era pioneer spirit that is present. The Hamakua Coast is the home of Paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) culture. There is a wealth of knowledge going back generations. These traditional ways of living that are so intertwined with the land are valuable as we look toward living a more sustainable lifestyle. There are many people to learn from here. 

Parker Ranch Rodeo, an annual festivity held in the neighboring town of Waimea that is well worth checking out! Hawaiian rodeo is unlike any other rodeo.

5. Laupahoehoe Beach Park

Kuwili Lani is located roughly 2.5 miles above Laupahoehoe Beach Park. You can watch the surf rolling in against the rocks from above, or enjoy a beach day down below. There is a beautiful grassy lawn for picnicking, barbequing with friends, or relaxing. While the beach has a rocky shore, it is possible to get in the water and swim or snorkel here on calm days. If you take a short drive south to Hilo, you will find other stunning black sand beaches for surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. 

6. Epic Sunrises and Sunsets

On the east side of the Big Island, Kuwili Lani has a front row view of the sunrise. Watch the sun rise out of the Pacific Ocean every morning while you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. There is truly no better way to wake up! As the day ends, watch the sun dip behind the mountains and the sky light up like a watercolor painting. Laupahoehoe’s unique geographic features – situated on a point – gives us amazing views around the northern tip of the island.  

Sunset magic hour at Kuwili Lani. You have to see these colors to believe them!

7. Waterfalls, Waterfalls, Waterfalls 

The Hamakua coast is full of waterfalls. They are everywhere! Tumbling down lush, jungle covered gorges to the sea. From the Kuwili Lani property, you can hike ten minutes to a 35 ft. waterfall in Kilau gulch. To learn more about waterfalls in the area, read our blog post on Hilo and Hamakua waterfalls.

Waterfall nearby the Kuwili Lani property.

8. Amenities 

Although a very small town, Laupahoehoe has some excellent amenities. There’s the Laupahoehoe Library and community pool, which is never crowded! Another favorite is the Papa’aloa Country Store and Cafe. Once the Covid challenge is over they hope to get back to the four nights a week of live music in their quaint Cafe as before.

Laupahoehoe community pool often looks like this!

9. Cultural Melting Pot 

Laupahoehoe and the Hamakua Coast is a melting pot of many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, all coexisting peacefully. You will meet people who are of Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portugese, Korean, Samoan, Mexican, or European ancestry…and the list doesn’t stop there! Oftentimes, people come from several different backgrounds. The diversity of cultures and cuisines is one thing that makes Hawai’i unique and such a cool place to live. It’s like being in a foreign country while residing in the U.S.

Meet the neighbors!

10. The Wildlife 

To live at Kuwili Lani is to truly be immersed in nature. From our property, you will regularly spot Nene (Hawaiian goose) Pueo (Hawaiian owl), I’o (Hawaiian Hawk), among others along with livestock casually roaming the verdant landscape on neighboring properties. We love the sound of bird song – something that you wake up to in the morning and are aware of throughout the day. It is soothing to the human psyche and a little reminder that we are no longer living in a city or busy suburb. 

Please come visit us and see for yourself the amazing natural setting at Kuwili Lani.